The Triple Threat in Menai you’ll want to be in on

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Here at inLIFE Wellness, we love an excellent triple threat and the fact that it’s local in Menai is all the better. This is why we often talk about providing the time, space, and resources to build out what's important for people to lead a truly abundant life. We have a firm belief that leading a physically fulfilling life is rooted in pursuing these three key things:

Physical Capability

Whether you're a regular at the gym or you haven't worked out since high school, we believe exercise is critical, not only for physical strength but also to put you on the right path towards living an incredible, abundant life. Physical capability enables you to participate in that game of volleyball on the beach (with no worry of being totally out of breath), take that walk along a spectacular coastline, and really appreciating that gorgeous sunset. Physical capability is not what you can do in the gym, but what that work in the gym allows you to do more of, in your life. It's a confidence and a knowingness that when you feel your best, your best experiences come to you.

Mental Resilience

We talk a lot as a society about training our bodies to become stronger, more resilient and more flexible, but what about the mind? Mental fortitude requires practice and training to reach the levels of strength life demands from us (just like a muscle) - so why do we underrate our mental state so much? Physical activity has been scientifically proven time and time again to be a critical contributor to mental health and resilience. Whether that's because you feel the endorphin release post workout, or whether it's merely because you totally got through that last session despite the internal voices screaming at you to stop and give up - the benefits of pushing yourself physically and mentally will take you to levels of endurance you didn't know you had.

Community Connection

So what do we mean by OUR STUDIO, YOUR 3RD SPACE? It's simple really. Typically, human beings have very few spaces where their physical being makes a true impact. And generally, real impact comes in the form of connection to other human beings.

Impact space number one is your home.

Impact space number two is your place of work (often this could be impact space number one given the number of hours we put into our work)

And now you have your 3rd space. A place where you can unwind, meet new people, and find support through common and shared goals and interests. We believe in the power of a positive community, and we work hard to create a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone.

It's why we have an ongoing tradition of tea after our classes!

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